Carbon Steel Fittings & Flanges

A350 LF2

A350 LF2 is a carbon steel fitting material, very similar to A105, that is used in general industrial applications and can withstand continuous service down to -46F.  This material is supplied in a normalized condition and then Charpy V-Notch tested at -50F.

The Charpy testing is used to reveal a materials natural ductile to brittle transition as temperature decreases.  A test sample is brought down to temperature, notched and then struck by a pendulum device.  The device measures the amount of energy absorbed by the material until failure occurs.   Request a Quote Download A350 LF2 Brochure


  • A350 LF2
  • Painted blue for quick identification

Product Dimensions

.5'' - 6'' size flanges in 150#-1500# pressure classes.
Other sizes available upon request


The A350 LF2 Line is often referred to as Carbon Steel Low Temp Fittings or Flanges